I've been to this plaza countless times and I just learned today that there's a KFC here.

Fast foodies are extremely picky when it comes to their favorite restaurants. Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the nation. According to QSR Magazine, KFC landed in the top 20 most popular fast food restaurants in America. It came in at #14. KFC was named the 2nd best chicken fast food chain behind Chick-fil-A. Popeyes came in at #20.

There aren't many chicken fast food chains in Dutchess County which is surprising because these places rose in popularity after the demand for the coveted fried chicken sandwich.

Poughkeepsie, New York has both a KFC and a Popeyes but you're out of luck if you want chicken until you get to Kingston or Newburgh. At least that's what I thought until today.

Hidden KFC in Fishkill

Did you know that there is a KFC restaurant hiding in Fishkill, New York? I honestly had no clue. I remember seeing this place pop up on a Google search but I dismissed it because I thought it was closed. I drove by the area several times and never noticed it. I guess I wasn't looking hard enough because it was right there in plain sight.

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It's down the same road as Walmart. It's directly across from Sam's Club.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Did you know this KFC location was here in the Hudson Valley? It's a great location for travelers staying in nearby hotels and employees of the offices.

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