Now that the weather is getting colder we need to start thinking about putting the summer things away and that includes food. Now that Labor Day has come and gone I believe our white shoes are suppose to be cleaned up and resting in the closet until next May. But what else should be packed up for the winter?

One of the things that came to my mind was summer desserts. Whipped cream and ice cream, popsicles and jello just to name a few. After all the cooler temps are going to make way for warm baked goods and more decadent desserts. Apple cobbler covered in caramel, warm cookies from the oven, fall pies like pecan and dutch apple.But what about Jello? Does it really need to go?

You would think with it's light nature and the fact that it needs to be in the frig to stay gelled would make it the perfect dessert to pack away until next May but it would turn out you are wrong. According to Outward Bound it make a perfect cold weather dessert due to the amount of sugar it has in it. I can help give you energy to get through a cold day. Who knew!

This might explain why jello is always on the table at my families house at Thanksgiving. And not just one flavor. There is the one full of oranges and cranberries. And of course we have to have the lime with the fruit and mini marshmallows. Apparently the lime one is some variation on the sweet potatoes covered in bigger marshmallows.

How does that saying go "There is always room for Jello" and apparently it doesn't matter what the temperature is outside.

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