If you haven't had the time to get to the grocery this week you may not be aware that it is officially cherry season in the Hudson Valley. This past Saturday I walked into Tops in New Paltz and the display stopped me at the door. Bags and bags of ripe dark red cherries just waiting to become a snack or a dessert.

Don't feel like you have to get your cherries from the grocery store. It just so happens that some of our local farm markets are offering them as well. Check out the Facebook post from Dressel Farms. And they are right, don't wait to get your pint or two because cherry season will go fast.

Growing up my grandfather's favorite ice cream was Breyer's Cherry Vanilla. I will never forget the first time I tried it with him, the big dark cherries that were tucked into all the creamy ice cream soon became my favorite too. In more recent years I have discovered that fresh cherries cut in half on ice cream or just by themselves in a bowl are even better than the cherries from my childhood.

I have never actually tried to make a cherry pie but it is on the cooking bucket list. If you get the idea you want to make a cherry dessert for the upcoming 4th of July weekend you might want to consider one of the recipes I found on Delish. And lastly don't be shy about creating a cherry cocktail. They muddle well and then you can put them in just about anything including Prosecco or even a Martini.

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