Polo, the brand name, Polo the shirt type and Polo the game have different popularity but also have something in common.

You don't  have to play the game to wear the shirt and you don't have to wear the shirt to play the game.  You can however, do both or neither this weekend in the Hudson Valley.

The Hettinger Cup Polo Experience happens this weekend in Pawling.  Rescheduled from last weekend due to the excessive heat, will benefit Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue.

Saturday, July 27th at Kirby Hill Farm from 11am to 6pm, there will be food trucks, entertainment, kids activities and Polo.

You can get more info HERE.

I really don't know what the game of Polo is except that it involves horses and I like horses so, sign me up.

If you want a day without the kids or don't have kids, you might want to do the VIP tent which includes lunch and alcohol.

Now I feel like I need to get a new Polo shirt.

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