When you think of the top debate across New York State you probably think of the Upstate/Downstate argument right? Personally, I think that argument is outdated, and also who cares?

What I think we should be focusing on, is what we call these cookies:


Black and White? Half-Moon? What Do You Call These Cookies?

If there was a cookie representation for New York, I think we all would agree that the cookie above would be the perfect New York State Cookie. However, we would all have to agree on a name first.

I saw a post on Facebook over the weekend from a fellow Hudson Valley resident of a cookie with half chocolate frosting and half vanilla frosting. The comment section then turned into a back-and-forth of what people from different regions of New York call the cookie.

A handful of commenters said Black and White while others chimed in with Half-Moon.

As a self-proclaimed cookie enthusiast, I learned long ago that there is a big difference between a black-and-white and a Half-Moon cookie.

What's The Difference Between Black and White and Half-Moon Cookies?

I've had both cookies for research, obviously, and a Black and White Cookie is firmer. Harder frosting and a firmer bottom as well, like a cookie-cake texture. Half-Moon cookies have a buttercream-like frosting and a more cakey bottom.


Just to make sure my assessments are accurate, I did a quick Google search which brought me to the Black and White Cookie Wikipedia page where they explain:

Black-and-white cookies are flat, have fondant or sometimes royal icing on a dense cake base, and are common in the New York metropolitan area. Half-moon cookies are slightly dome-shaped (convex), have frosting on a fluffy angel cake base, and are common in Central, New York and Boston, Massachusetts.

One website goes on to say the original cookie between the two is The Half-Moon which was invented in Utica, New York. It then was styled differently throughout the years. They go on to dub a Black and White cookie "The New York City Style" of a Half-Moon. Weird.

I digress.

There is a difference between the 2 and Black and Whites are better. I said what I said.

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