Here's a fun fact that has nothing to do with Valentine's Day: Today is YouTube's birthday!

YouTube turns 12 years old today. The social media mega star was born on Feb. 14, 2005. And the internet was never the same.

We've come up with sayings like "going viral" and "YouTube celebrity" to go along with the social media giant known as Youtube.

You've probably watched a video or two in the last 12 years if you're connected to the internet, maybe a "how to" video or a movie review. They are all right at our finger tips.

YouTube has made it fun for us here at The Wolf. We get to make videos every week and give you an inside, behind the scenes look at what goes on in and around our studio.

So for YouTube's birthday, I decided to revisit the Top 5 Wolf Youtube videos (excluding our interviews with Orange County Choppers -- those videos have over 500,000 views!):

Coming in at number 5: CJ and Jess compete for Lights, Camera, Opry Contest

#4: Beth Christy talks to Garth Brooks and Tricia Yearwood in NYC

#3: Jess' Pumpkin Carving Challenge

#2: Landon Wall talks to CJ and Jess about Peter Pan remake

and #1 Car Soccer in Red Hook

Honorable mention which came in at number 6: Jess falling down a hill for Sam Hunt:


What's your favorite Wolf Youtube video?




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