This is by far the grossest thing I have seen at work in a long time.

Just like most people that go to work every day, we enjoy a cup of coffee or two when we are doing the CJ in the morning show. If you don't know, we do have a few rules at the station that we try to follow so that we don't get yelled at.

One of those rules is that we are not allowed to have any drinks or food in the studio, EVER! So both Jess and I leave our morning coffee and bottles of water on a little shelf outside of the studio and that is were we both came across the most disgusting thing we have ever seen at work.

Take a look....

I can't believe that someone actually drinks out of that friggin' thing. It really looks like a dip spit cup. Just gross!!!

As soon as we find out who's cup it is we will let you guys know and more importanly we will pool together a few dollars and buy that person a new mug!

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