I will have this argument until I'm blue in the face. The Hudson Valley is definitely not upstate New York...right? I came across an article that will confirm the Hudson Valley is not quite considered upstate.

New York
Keith Binns

NYUp.Com published an article that caught my eye, "How to talk like an Upstate New Yorker: 17 terms you need to know." And because I'm a true believer that we are not Upstate New Yorkers, I figured I would learn something today. Let me tell you, I hit the jackpot.

From the first term on the list I knew we were in the clear. I can tell you none of my friends have ever called soda "Pop." The list of terms gets more and more ridiculous as we go along. Number 3 threw me for a loop, calling a hot dog a "Coney." It makes sense because of Coney Island, but no. What do you call a cookie that has chocolate frosting on one side and vanilla on the other? The correct answer would be a Black and White Cookie.  According to the article, if you're from upstate you would call it a "Half-moon Cookie." That doesn't fly around these parts. Just for the record, I don't think any of us in the Hudson Valley are drinking Labatt Blue either. I did that once and I will never do that again.

There you have it, the official term list that makes us "downstaters."What are some terms you use that people outside the Hudson Valley just wouldn't understand? I surprised my Boston friends when I said one winter "Wow. It's brick out here" instead of "It's cold outside." Let us know your Hudson Valley terms on Facebook.


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