I look back at my time as a child and think how things have changed.  I'm not that old but I'm not a millennial and I feel bad for them.

In this day and age of social media, YouTube, videos on your phone and more, it's become such a different time.

Remember when people wore a watch or looked at a clock for the time?  Now, it's right on our phones, it updates at time changes and we never even really need to look at a calendar.

A recent study found that the majority of Millennials can't read a clock.  They can obviously read a digit one but an analytical clock they can not.  As a kid I remember learning it by saying "the little hand is on the 4 and the big hand is on the 3" and then learning how to break it down into quarters, etc.

I haven't conducted this test personally but I'm planning on doing it in the next week or so....can YOU read a non digital clock?

For the record, small hand on the 4 and big hand on the 3 means it's 4:15.

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