I want to start this article by saying if snakes give you the willy's or freak you out, you probably don't want to scrolled down much farther.

This weekend while working around the year my husband came across a very large snake skin. He pointed out to me so that I wouldn't stumble upon it and think it was real. And by real, I mean a real live snake. We are very snake aware at my house due to the fact that my our house this year has been crawling with them.

It started in late May when one night we discovered a Ring-necked Snake slinking across our living room floor, followed by a baby milk snake 2 weeks later in the living room hallway. We believe have found all the points of entry. The crawl space and stone foundation make it a real chore to seal up every little spot.

In late June and early July we noticed three different Garter Snakes hanging around which is two more than in the past. We didn't give it much thought because they were outside where they belong. Then last week my husband announced that our Black Snake had been sighted.

In years past he or she has been seen in trees, the garden shed and last summer he / she left a skin in outdoor laundry. This year the sighting was near a big maple tree and our grill which just happens to be near the wood pile which is where we found the skin in this weekend. From the looks of it our Black Snake has grown a lot since last year.

Fun Snake Fact from Wonderopolis - they shed their skin because it don't grow with them. It can take a week for a snake to shed it's skin. And shedding the skin also results it the snake shedding shedding parasites.

Snakes and Snake Skins

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