I am a fan of the PBR. (Professional Bull Riders) There I said it. Seriously it is the most amazing action and I love that these guys swing through the north east a few time a year so we can enjoy the action up close and personal. I don't mind watching it on TV but like NASCAR it is part of the experience to be there in person. Mark your calendars for January 16th through the 18th.

If you have never watched or attended an event I encourage you to do so. We have great local events year round include Bull Riding at the Dutchess County Fair. Like all sports there are levels, divisions and regional associations.  I explain it as the PBR is to Bull Riding as Sprint cup is to car racing. I am sure some would disagree but that is my simple explanation to my "Non-Bull Watching" friends.

Thanks to the official PBR You Tube channel I was able to find a video from 2007 of Ty Murray explaining bull riding 101. The video does a great job of breaking down the sport for all of us novices. In the tape Ty also mentions that no PBR Rider has ever received a perfect score of 100, however in October of 1991 Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association bull rider Wade Leslie did receive a perfect score of 100 for his 8 second ride aboard Wolfman Skoal at an event in Oregan. He is the only rider to ever have done that in the PRCA to date.

So why am I sharing this with you today? Because the PBR is making their annual trek to the Garden and I hope you will go enjoy. See you at Madison Square Garden Jan 16 - 18th.


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