How does the saying go? "Breaking up is hard to do?" Not for one visitor at a historic landmark in the Hudson Valley.

Ease The Pain of Your Next Break-up

There's no easy way to break someone's heart, but I guess there are ways you can lessen the blow so to speak. Take them out to a nice dinner beforehand? Maybe bring them to one of the best views in the Hudson Valley and it give them a nice heaping of hope before a major letdown.

That's exactly what happened to one Hyde Park visitor several months ago.

Heartbreak at Hyde Park Historic Landmark

A few months ago, a guest left an unfortunate review at one of the most popular historic sites here in the Hudson Valley. And the National Parks Service has gotten involved. Apparently, a guest at Hyde Park's Vanderbilt Mansion left with a broken heart.

National Parks Service, Instagram
National Parks Service, Instagram

Broken-heart? Sure. But they still left a 5-star rating, that has to stand for something right? The National Park Service had some fun on Instagram and wrote "Sometimes the tour lasts longer than the relationship. Too soon?" OUCH, but you have to admit that it's kind of funny. They continue:

For those looking to learn more about architecture and interiors, as well as the political, economic, social, cultural, and demographic changes that occurred as America industrialized in the years after the Civil War, or just in need of an exit from that relationship that’s going nowhere, make your way to Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site in New York.

And lastly, they add:

P.S. Please refrain from breaking up with your partner until after the tour concludes. 💔Thanks!

Where's the best place to break up with someone in the Hudson Valley? I'm thinking one of the bars so at least you could drown in your sorrows after.

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