Would you try these?

I am always one to try anything when it comes to food and this is no different.

The people over at Food Beast were lucky enough to get there hands on some of the new Thanksgiving themed Pringles and they look like they could be really good.

If you can't get enough Thanksgiving the masterminds over at Pringles have come up with Thanksgiving dinner in chip form. Yes chips flavored after some of our favorites from Thanksgiving dinner.

The chips don't come in the classic Pringles chip tube, they come in a frozen dinner looking tray and include eight different flavored stacks of Pringles.

Izzy Serious
Izzy Serious

The flavors include, turkey, creamed corn, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, mac and cheese and pumpkin pie.

I will admit it, they all sound really good, but Food Beast said that some were better than the others and they ranked them with turkey, creamed corn and stuffing being the best tasting. Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie got the "they are OK" ranking and green bean casserole and mac and cheese got the "yuck" ranking. They said that the mac and cheese smelled like "butt" and tasted like uncooked Kraft mac and cheese powder.

In all honesty, I would still try all of them if I could find them, but they aren't available in any Hudson Valley stores. Pringles said that the chips are being tested in select markets this year but if the testing goes well, we could see them on store shelves next year.

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