The past two days have been humbling for me. Okay, that's dramatic. However it did take us by surprise.

Here at The Wolf studio in Poughkeepsie, we've been having some technical difficulties. Some of you may have noticed while trying to listen live through our Wolf mobile app that streaming was down.

For that we apologize. Thanks for sticking with us while we work to get everything back up and running.

We also have had no internet in our building. It doesn't seem like a  big issue, but behind the scenes we lean on having the interwebs at our finger tips so we can share Hudson Valley news with you as well as just chatting through social media or through our new texting app.

It hit us hard. We've felt out of the loop.

It just goes to show how much we rely on technology. It's kind of sad. I know it would be a challenge for me, but I think I need to put my phone in a safe that I don't know the combination to and get back in touch with reality.

Could you make it through an entire week without your cell phone, internet service and/or wifi?

Either way, thanks again for baring with us this week. We appreciate you waking up with us every morning. The show isn't the same without you!


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