If you were listening to the show this morning, then you would know I'm completely clueless when it comes to NASCAR. CJ tried to teach me the ins and outs, but apparently he doesn't know much either...it's DRAFTING, CJ. Not drifting. Duh.

Anyway, I'm still undecided on who I should be cheering for this NASCAR season. But my top two picks are Bobby Labonet, because I like the number 32 and he happens to drive the 32 car (although I've learned he's only driving for half the season) and Trevor Bayne because I'm a little shallow and he's hot.

Come on, what did you expect?

I was watching a little bit of the race this weekend and thought it was pretty cool that Gerard Butler did the opening ceremonies. He quoted his most famous line from the movie "300" but changed it up a bit to get everyone in the NASCAR:

So now, I'm trying to be a NASCAR fan. Who should I be rooting for? What do I need to know to be a NASCAR fan girl?


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