Tomorrow is Take Your Pet to Work Day. Unfortunately, I don't currently have a pet to bring to work.

I follow several local pet rescues that are always looking for good homes for their furry friends. Take Me Home Pet Rescue and Perfect Pets Rescue are a few of the sites I check out every now and again. Both do a great job of finding foster homes for puppies, as well as older dogs and kittens and then finding them a forever home. If you're interested in adopting a rescue, fill out an application and prep yourself for life with a lovable friend.

Here are some cuties available for adoption:

Pluto (from Perfect Pet Rescue)

Buddy (Take Me Home Pet Rescue)

And these 10 week old cuties who need a good home:

My landlords say no pets, so if I could borrow one or two or all of these pups for Take Your Pet to Work Day that would be a dream come true. Will you be taking your pet to work tomorrow?

Bonus Video: CJ in the Morning


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