I don't know about you but I like French Fries.  I think if you are talking about fast food ones, McDonald's has the best and of course, who can beat a burger and fries with a beer from Schatzi's Pub but, how healthy are they?

According to experts at Harvard, which I find interesting that someone get's paid to eat food and do research on it but, they say that french fries can be healthy and work for your diet.

Here's the catch.  They say you should only eat 6 per serving.  6?  As in 6 McDonald's fries, NOT 6 of the thick cut fries.  6!

Who can eat just 6?  A McDonald's small has about 30 and I know this because I've been bored and counted them.

I mean, I get the whole idea of eating in small portions but isn't that kind of like a tease?

Here's the full story from Thrillist.com if you want to see what else they found.


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