After the weekend we sometimes vow to return to better eating. I refer to it as the weekend food hangout. You wake up Monday morning and wonder why you ate so much food over the weekend. Was you weekend full of food that might have not been the best choice? What is it about weekends that have us letting are guard down and eating "junk".

During the week I can eat right, fruits, veggies, yogurt, green tea, lean meats then suddenly the weekend hits and it is burgers and baked goods. What is it about Saturday that requires french fries and Sunday that requires donuts. I chalk it up to old habits that die hard. I have worked out the weekdays but on the weekends I am still giving in to all the "childhood habits".

Thank god for people like Nora Pouillon, a chef who has been on the cutting edge of healthier eating all her life and who is part of the reason why we in America now seek out healthier choices. We are very fortunate as Hudson Valley residence to have plenty of farm fresh foods and places to purchase them. We have farm to table restaurants and local farm markets. So if we are having fries they are at least real potatoes.

Eating organic is easier now thanks to organic food pioneers like Nora Pouillon who was interviewed by CBS. She hopes to find a millionaire who wants to invest in an organic McDonald's. She maybe on to something, after all my Friday night fast food is now Chipotle, for 3 reasons they are on the way home, their open late and most importantly they are taking steps to serve more fresh real ingredients. It taste so much better!

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