Lately there has been a lot of talk about pets ni the office. Most of us have dogs however there are some cats, possibly some fish or ferrets and maybe even a turtle or two. Snakes have not come up in office chatter except for the ones we may have outside the studio.

All of this pet talk has lead to people claiming to be either "dog" people or "cat" people. Why are they making the clarification? Mostly because people ask are you a cat person or a dog person? Clearly people like to make a distinction. And that's not to say that some folks haven't answered "I am Both" but facts are most people chose one or the other. So what are you.? If you have never had a pet you might not know so here are some helpful tips.

Like to go on long walks? Dog Person - Like to hang around the house? Cat Person

Like to drive around in the car? Dog Person - Prefered to have things delivered? Cat Person

Like to play in water? Dog Person - Avoid swimming or wading at all cost? Cat Person

Will eat anything put in front of you? Dog Person - Picky about all food? Cat Person

Like to sleep on the couch? Dog Person - Prefer to sit in an out of the way spot - Cat Person

So now that you have agreed or disagreed you may wonder where I got all of this official info. Simple I know lots of Dog People and Cat People and I am very observant. Maybe this is only true of the people I know, but think about it for a minute and see how much rings true.

Don't like my comparison check out the list I found online from

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