They didn't get very far.

Local law enforcement in the upper Hudson Valley said that a subject escaped police custody Tuesday afternoon from a town court house. However, there is absolutely no danger to the public for the suspect was soon captured again by officials.

You'll sometimes hear the harrowing stories how a suspect is somehow able to escape police while being transported, or maybe from a facility like a hospital? An example of the latter, was this case that recently transpired at a hospital in Yonkers, according to PIX11.

Suspect in Columbia County Escapes Custody Only to be Recaptured Soon After 

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office told WNYT that a suspect escaped custody from the Claverack Town Court. Officials have not gone into too many details as of yet, though they say the escape happened Tuesday afternoon, around 5 PM. WNYT says the subject had been "remanded to the custody of the sheriff" at the time.


The suspect's big breakout would not get them too far though, as the Sheriff's Office says they were soon discovered hiding out in the town of Claverack, and taken back into custody once again.

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A somewhat similar incident happened in May, when deputies say an inmate appearing for a court date at Utica City Court, for criminal contempt and harassment charges, broke away from officials and tried to steal a vehicle that was passing by.

The Post Standard says the man was being loaded into a van to be taken back to jail when he ran away.

Deputies say the escapee tried to enter an SUV when he was tackled and taken back into custody. The Oneida man was then charged with escaping in the second degree, a felony, deputies said.

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