It's been the topic of conversation for the last few weeks here in the Hudson Valley. Remote learning is top of mind as school is back in session.

School districts around the Valley have made some decisions as to how their school year will begin with COVID-19 concerns still lingering. Districts back to school plan vary from in-person learning in the classroom, remote learning from home and a hybrid of the 2.

If your child is remote learning one organization is offering a unique opportunity.

Stony Kill Foundation in Fishkill is offering a space for remote learning.

According to a Facebook post, Stony Kill is holding the Farm Pod Day Program. This program is available to students ages 7 to 12 years old and gives them "access for remote learning while offering outdoor programming throughout the day."

Stony Kill plans to launch their Farm Pod Day Program on September 29th, parents are urged to fill out information forms if they're interested. There are both half-day and full day programs. Prices differ for members and non-members per-day or per-week.

All students intending to take part in the Farm Pod Day Program must need to have the following: " charged computer/chromebook with cord, earbuds or headphones & some school supplies (notebook, pencils, a box of crayons, glue sticks, dry erase marker) in a backpack, lunch & refillable water bottle, 2 snacks, picnic blanket, & mask. Use of a microwave or refrigerator will not be available."

On their website, Stony Kill explains what students will get to experience while at the Pod Day Program which includes a ton of outdoor activities that " may include hikes, scavenger hunts, visits with our livestock, garden time, pond time, community service, nature-based crafts, etc."

For more details on remote learning with the Stony Kill Foundation, visit


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