Bigfoot has stepped foot in a Staatsburg general store! Not literally, but let us explain.

Hudson Valley, New York: Bigfoot Hotspot

For the last few years, the Hudson Valley has been a hotbed of Bigfoot activity. There had been stories about Bigfoot running through the woods in Hyde Park, braiding horse hair in Orange County, creeping through the trees in Poughkeepsie, and hitting the trails in Cairo.

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Groups like Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley do their best to collect the evidence left behind by the bipedal. Gayle Beatty, founder of Bigfoot Researchers, continues to share stories and photos of evidence, like foot imprint cast and more to their Facebook page.


They might want to add this new encounter to the list...

Bigfoot Lands in Staatsburg, NY...Kind Of

Woodpecker General Store & Catering in Staatsburg is welcoming campers for the season with a new addition to their menu: The Bigfoot Sandwich.

The sandwich is made up of Pulled pork, smoked pork loin, bacon, pickled red onions and Smokey BBQ Sauce. And it looks delish!

Not only can you enjoy a delicious Bigfoot sandwich, but you can also get your hands on some Bigfoot merch. According to the Woodpecker General Store, they've teamed up with Bigfoot researcher Emily Fleur, @theforestfleur on Instagram, who has made adorable Bigfoot magnets.

Woodpecker General Store, Facebook
Woodpecker General Store, Facebook

As mentioned, Bigfoot is a big deal around these parts. Did you know, Bigfoot has been sighted across the Hudson Valley and Upstate New York for over 60 years? Take a look at the Bigfoot sightings collected since 1962 below.

31 Reported Bigfoot Sightings in The Hudson Valley Since 1962

A list of sightings dates back to 1962 with a reported sighting in Maybrook, NY where they nicknamed the Bigfoot "Turkey Monster."

Have You Heard of The Secret History of Beacon Bigfoot?

Never thought I would find Bigfoot in an abandoned school in Beacon, but it's 2022, and stranger things have happened...

Odd Noises, Humanlike Footprints - A Bigfoot Sighting in Upstate NY?

A man in NY claims that he'd been hearing weird noises and seeing suspicious things in the woods for months, so he investigated. Bigfoot believers are intrigued after seeing his photos.

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