Is it too early to work in your garden? Now that you see the plants coming up you are probably ready to get out and clean up. But don't rush out to uncover those plants too fast.

The temperatures this week are reminding us that it still may be a bit early to be doing any serious gardening. Those early spring flowers may be budding but there are still many plants that need to stay covered and protected from the few more weeks of cold temperature we are bound to get through early April.

What Can You Do in Your Garden in March in New York

I find if I want to get out and get my hands in the garden this time of year the best thing to do is to straighten up but not necessarily clean up. It is tempting to rake out the dead leaves but the truth is the butterflies and the plants need that cover for a few more weeks.

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If you decide to get out make sure you are using a bug spray and a tick repellent. Ticks can still be a problem this time of year, especially with our mild winter. Don't let the cold weather foul you the bugs are out there in the garden. Last week's warm weather had some people seeing mosquitoes.

Farmer's Almanac Spring Gardening Guide for 2024

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So what should you do in your garden right now? It is a great time to plan. If you have a plant that needs to be moved start thinking about where you will put it when the time is right. This is also a great time to take out any plants that you want to remove for good. Just be careful not to disturb too much of the garden.

The Farmer's Almanac offers a great guide to when and where to garden. Not only does it give you a great look at the weather, it also has a good gardening guide. When you aren't sure consult the almanac or better yet stop into one of our Hudson Valley Farm markets or greenhouses for some local advice.

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