It is no secret to people who know me that I am an antique lover. However, before you go thinking that I have a bunch of one of a kind somethings laying around, realize that the picture above is a piece from my collection. Yes the elusive run of the mill Phone Chair. Not much in my collection is priceless. Some might be considered some of my pieces odd or even unique but rare and priceless there are not.

Most of what I have is what people refer to as old stuff. Some have even gone as far as calling it junk. But as we says in the antique business one man's junk is another man's treasure. Old stuff can be cool the way it is found and it can also be awesome when it is repurposed. One day the phone chair pictured above will be painted and have a new cushion but for now it stays as found.

If you are like me and have a fondness for old stuff you will be excited to know that just as we are heading into Spring cleaning season there is a reason to hang on to a few things. I am not saying give up on the decluttering but keep in mind not all old stuff is junk. And just incase you need validation, this coming Tuesday (March 2, 2021) is National Old Stuff Day.

The National Days Calendar people can't source the days origin but they claim that annually March 2nd is the day to rethink your old stuff and give it a new purpose as an alternative to throwing it out.

So join me in the love of old stuff an turn something you have that is old into something new on Tuesday.

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