Halloween is coming up this weekend, and most people are trying to figure out which of the many Hudson Valley events to attend. Costume parties, haunted trails, haunted houses, you name it, it's going on somewhere here in the Hudson Valley. There is something very cool (and scary) going on in Newburgh this weekend, and it helps to support a great local school.

The Haunted Funhouse will open its doors this Friday, Oct. 29, Saturday, Oct. 30 and Sunday, Oct. 31 from 6PM - 8PM. Tickets are only $10 per victim, and candy will be given to all of the lucky survivors. The Haunted Funhouse is located at Studio 845 in the Newburgh Mall next to Office Depot. Easy to get to from anywhere in the Hudson Valley. Right off the Thruway and also right off Rte. 84. And just what is studio 845? Glad you asked.

Studio 845 is a creative performing arts school made for students that are interested in growing as dancers, performers, artists and individuals. Studio 845 is focused on live performances and the creation of performance films. Students are trained in all aspects of technique in dance, drama and writing. They offer their main programs to students starting at age 3 up to 24. They also offer adult programs and performance opportunities for older dancers and actors. And they’ll be putting on quite a performance at the Haunted Funhouse this weekend.

Want more information about this weekend’s Haunted Funhouse? Think you can handle it? Would you like to learn more about Studio 845? You can do both by visiting the Studio 845 page.

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