We all know how a traditional smoke alarm works. It emits an ear-piercing sound that you cannot ignore, which helps get you and your family to safety in case of a fire in your home. But what if a member of your family was hearing impaired, traditional smoke alarms would be of little help.

If you live in Ulster County, there is a special program called the Ulster County Smoke Alarm Installation Initiative, which provides free installation of Silent Call Smoke detectors for families who have hearing impaired children. Ulster County Executive Mike Hein announced this program earlier this week in conjunction with the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs.

The Silent Call smoke alarms transmit a signal within a 100-foot radius with a vibration that would alert your child should an emergency arise. The Ulster County Department of Emergency Services and Ulster-Boces will help distribute the smoke alarms.

If you have a hearing-impaired child and live in Ulster County you may be eligible for a free Silent Call smoke alarm and have it professionally installed. To find out more information, call 845-334-5720.

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