Which do you say?

Today is National Have a Coke Day and yes its a real thing, according to the folks at Coca Cola.

If we asked you what word you would use if you were ordering a carbonated beverage at your favorite restaurant, what would you say?

They say that around 11% of us use "Coke" as the word we use for ordering all of our favorite soft drinks.

A new survey also found that more than half of us use the word "soda", 13% say "pop", 8% say "soft drink" and 5% say "soda pop".

Do you know anyone that says "pop"? Anytime I hear someone say pop, the first thing I think of is my Uncle Paul who lives in Colorado and I guess that's really a thing out there. Is it me or is it weird when someone calls soda, pop?

73% of people from the Northeast say "soda" while 41% in the Midwest say "pop," and just 39% say "soda." How about you? Is it soda, or is it pop? Leave us a comment on Facebook with you answer.

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