Winter in the Hudson Valley can be brutal, cold, snowy and very beautiful.  It can also be a lot of work when you have to shovel...all. the. time.

Did you know that shoveling snow can make you feel good?

Not only is it a great workout but it's also good for the soul.  I always hate that  might have to shovel snow but then when I actually do it, my body feels like it had a better workout then going to the gym that day.  Shoveling snow for 30 minutes burns on average of 500 calories and let's face it, you'll probably be sweating so you'll stay warm as well.

Now, you're probably wondering where the 'good for the soul' come in right?  Imagine if you were unable to shovel because of a handicap or something age related.  Maybe you have a neighbor that lives right next door or down the street.  They may not be able to shovel themselves out or may try and not succeed easily.  Take a few minutes and help them.  Even if you can only shovel the end of the driveway or around their car.  Every little bit helps and it always feels good to help people and in this case, you'll feel good, be healthy and help someone in need.


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