Is it that important?

One of the perks of doing a radio show every weekday morning is that when I experience an argument or disagreement in life with someone I can always bring the situation up on the air to try and settle whatever I'm dealing with. That's exactly what we need to do today.

I had an interesting semi-argument with my 15 year-old daughter Julianna over the weekend about getting her nails done. Now that the school year is over, she is lucky enough to be going on vacation with her mom soon and to get ready she asked me if I could take her to get her nails done before her trip. I said sure, how much does it cost? She told me for her to get the gel nails it would be around $30. I agreed, but that's when the mini-argument broke out.

She said that she needs to also get her toes done because they need to match. I asked her how much more it would cost for her toes and she said like $50 more. Adding it up, $80 plus tip...that's a $100 for nails!!! I told her that was way too expensive and she cold get one or the other done. She then explained that they need to match so if she can't do both she would rather not get them done. Fine with me...LOL!

I've never heard that finger nails have to match the toes this really a thing? Did I drop the "daddy ball" by not taking her to get her a mani-pedi? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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