Love is in the air and thank you Hudson Valley for showing us what is dear to you. Once again you opened up that camera roll and Showed Us Your Heart.

The joy and excitement in the Wolf Sweet Heart Gallery 2024 is amazing. There are so many happy faces and so much love. People, places, pets, and even bacon all made the gallery this year. Wedding days and Christmas moments, snuggles with a pet even riding a motorcycle all things that you shared.

Take a Look at the Wolf Sweet Heart Gallery

Take a moment to look at what everyone sent in through the Wolf Country App and the website. We are honored to be able to share your heart with the Hudson Valley.  And if you sent in a photo be sure to find yours in all the entries.


Congratulations to Christine she won the $250 grand prize, thanks to Benmarl Winery in Marlboro. Her winning picture was taken in Arizona on vacation with her boyfriend. After a hike to this cave, they took their winning picture.

Don't forget that Benmarl is having its famous Valentine's Wine and Cheese Pairing Events happening all this month. Find out more at

What is the Next Chance You Have To Win With The Wolf

CJ and Jess always have great tickets to events and concerts with the Early Morning Brain Stimulator. Mola The Cash Cow will be back later this year. And your next chance to show us something to win with the Wolf is coming soon. We are looking forward to you showing us your buds but we are going to wait until the weather gets a little warmer.

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Hudson Valley Show Us Your Heart 2024

Thank you to everyone who showed us your heart. We hope you enjoy looking at the Wolf Sweet Heart Gallery. There are people, places, pets, and even bacon.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

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