So a Vampire and Olympic Snowboarder Walk into a Fishkill, New York Bar...this isn't the setup to a bad joke, but it did make for a cool afternoon for a Fishkill bar when 2 big celebs paid them a visit.

At this point, Hudson Valley residents are used to hearing and seeing celebrities out and about across the region. We get it. Our hometown is a great place to be! But it's always cool to see celebs supporting local businesses.

Olympian Gold Medalist & Vampire Diaries Actress Visit Fishkill, New York

On Sunday, November 26th, the team at The Dutchess Biercafe shared the photo below on social media with the caption "Yes, they were COOL AF! #Maverick #DBC🏂."

Dutchess Biercafe, Instagram
Dutchess Biercafe, Instagram

At first glance, it looks like a bunch of friends taking a photo at The Dutchess Biercafe together. However, if you take a closer look (and click on the tagged names in the post) you'll realize in the center of the photo are Olympic snowboarder and gold medalist Shawn White,  Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev, and their dog Maverick.

The Royal Film Performance & UK Premiere of "Top Gun: Maverick"
Getty Images for Paramount Pictu

White, known for his red locks and shredding on his snowboard, is a five-time Olympian and has won 3 Olympic gold medals in the half-pipe competition. Dobrev is known for her role as Elena Gilbert in the Vampire Diaries series as well as Netflix projects like The Out-Laws and Love Hard.

Did the star-studded couple get a beer flight? Maybe they ordered the pretzel or, my personal favorite, the Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich. We don't know why they were in town, but we're glad they stopped by and hopefully, they'll visit soon.

Recent Celebrity Sightings in The Hudson Valley

A few weeks ago, Aquaman himself Jason Mamoa was spotted enjoying the Bobby Lees in Woodstock. The actor, who's a big fan of the Woodstock band, was supporting the band in hopes that they would be able to continue performing. He also wore a Bobby Lee's shirt while promoting his hosting stay at Saturday Night Live.

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In October, Matthew Gray Gubler was seen getting scared at Kevin McCurdy's Haunted Mansion on Friday the 13th, 2023.

Have you had a celebrity encounter in the Hudson Valley this year? Let us know and we'll add it to our ongoing list which you can see below.

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