Have you ever seen the meme that says something along the lines of "When I hear Shania Twain say 'Lets Go Girls' I get so pumped I can kick a door down?" Well that's exactly how excited we are.

In the last few weeks, Shania Twain has been talking about her Queen of Me Tour. There were a bunch of dates announced with a July 11th stop in New York City. However, on Monday, November 28th, Shania added one more United States tour stop to her list...

Shania Twain is Coming to the Hudson Valley

On Monday, July 3rd 2023, Shania Twain will be gracing the stage of Bethel Woods with the Queen of Me Tour. At last check, she's bringing a couple of friends along for the tour. She'll be rotating opening acts including Kelsea Ballerini, Mickey Guyton, Breland, Hailey Witters, Pricilla Block, and others.

Pricilla Block will be opening for Shania at Bethel Woods this summer.

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Pricilla Block/ Getty Images

Last Time Touring for Shania?

A few weeks ago Shania made headlines as she said this might be her last time touring. In the early 2000s, Shania was diagnosed with Lymes Disease and it affected her vocal cords, which lead to surgery in the last few years. Shania explains further her future in touring saying:

 I don't know if the procedure that I had will last forever. With age, it could just not hold up, and that could be it and I will have to make another decision. Will I do the operation again or not? Do I just now write music for other people's albums at that point? I will gladly do that, and, again, it will be another decision that I will have to make as the queen of me. Some decisions are tougher than others!"


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In the meantime, take a look at some of Shania's best songs, including some deep cuts, below:

Top 25 Shania Twain Songs — Her Biggest Hits and Best Deep Cuts

Shania Twain's best songs changed country music in ways never imagined before 1995. The superstar's career as a charting recording artist lasted less than a decade and included few accolades (including just one CMA Award) relative to her commercial success, but few female artists under 40 will fail to name her as one of three major reasons they chase this country music dream for a living. Perhaps only Dolly Parton is listed more frequently as an influence.

This list of Shania Twain's best songs considers commercial success, cultural importance, legacy and song quality. Scroll through to see which of her songs is No. 1 and click on any link to listen.

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