We love our four-legged friends in the  Hudson Valley and Greater Danbury area. So when we see a call for help from a local SPCA we want to whatever we can to get the word out.

The Putnam County SPCA  sent out a press release asking for help identifying owners of a small dog they found in the Town of Kent.

According to the press release, the older pup is a "neutered male mini poodle mix breed" and was found on April 27th, at approximately 6:15 PM on Chief Nimham Road. Thankfully, a member of the community was going for a walk at that time and was able to get in contact with the Town of Kent Dog Control. The good samaritan informed the officer that the dog was walking with a limp.

Sadly, the dog was in pretty bad shape.

The press release explains that along with the limp, the older dog was "in a severe state of neglect." The Putnam County SPCA Law Enforcement Division was contact and from there the dog was brought to Guardian Veterinary Specialists in Brewster for emergency care.

While at Guardian, doctors found the dog to be severely matted to the extent that the dog's hair "wrapped tightly around the dog’s legs and feet causing difficulty for the dog to walk normally." SPCA Chief Ken Ross said in the press release:

This is one of the worst cases of matting that we have encountered.

The elderly canine was also suffering from malnutrition, dehydration severe dental disease.

Putnam County SPCA
Putnam County SPCA

Due to the severity of the neglect, the Putnam County SPCA has opened up a criminal investigation. If you have any information regarding the dog pictured above came from, you are asked to call the SPCA at their 24-hour number 845-520-6915. All calls remain anonymous.


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