What were you doing this past Friday?

Were you playing scrabble by any chance? If you were, then you were celebrating the date accordingly. April 13 is National Scrabble Day.

A fun fact for all Hudson Valley residence, Scrabble was invented right here in the Valley. Alfred Mosher Butts created the word puzzle game in Poughkeepsie back in 1933. Butts was out of work and created the game first called  Lexiko.

In 1948, Lexico was sold to a toy manufacturer named James Brunot who then named it Scrabble.

Because it's Scrabbles 70th anniversary they are celebrating by adding new words to the Scrabble dictionary. The 70th anniversary edition of Scrabble will be released on Sept. 17 and will include a new Merriam-Webster Dictionary with 300 new words included such as emoji, ew, facepalm, macaron, puggle, and sriracha, according to CBS 17.

Words that are included in the official Scrabble dictionary must be two to eight letters long and can't contain hyphens or apostrophes or be abbreviated.

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