Should Hudson Valley Schools start offering Wifi on school buses?

I forget where I saw that some 12 states are going to start having wifi available on school buses starting this school year. The schools that are doing it said the reason was that so kids can do homework and look up class material or schedules.

Both Jess and I agree that we think it's a bad idea, only because I think kids spend enough time online and that the school bus is supposed to be social time for kids.

We got talking about things that happened when we were younger on the school bus and some pretty important things happened to us. For me, it was the place I got to second base with a girl (HI Amy...LOL) and I once got in big trouble for spitting dip on the bus floor creating a "dip spit river" that flowed all the way to the front of the bus. I had to clean the bus floor after school and it was AWFUL!

Jess told us she remembered a boy that once put the muscle cream, Ben Gay on his boy area on the bus. She said that he was in the worst pain and actually got suspended from school for doing it.

Do you remember anything that happened on the school bus when you were younger? Call the show at 845-473-9431 or leave us a comment on Facebook.

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