Hopefully, we have all gotten wise to the number of scams that are going around. It is pretty bad when they start involving a Hudson Valley venue known for hosting fun events. It also is bad when they don't even think to use spell check.

Last week the Dutchess County Fairgrounds had to share on their Facebook page that there was a vendor scam, or should I say "VEDOR" scam, going around soliciting vendors for events that were supposedly happening on the fairgrounds in February and another in March.

Dutchess County Fairground Named in Scam in Rhinebeck, New York

NYS Sheep and Wool Festival via Dutchess County Fairgrounds Facebook
NYS Sheep and Wool Festival via Dutchess County Fairgrounds Facebook

Fortunately the page it was shared to caught it and so did the Dutchess County Fair. The ridiculous part is that it had a huge typo in it which someone might have overlooked but it really would have been hard to miss.

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The Fairground shared the post, which I have included below so all could see, and then took the opportunity to explain that their season doesn't open until April and if you want to keep up with what will be coming to the fairgrounds in 2023, you should follow them at www.dutchessfair.com.

When is The 2023 Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck, New York?

Dates for events are starting to fill in as opening day for the fairgrounds in April fast approaches. In total it appears there will be 12 events held at the Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck this year.

The Season Opener is the New York State Cattle Battle being held on April 28 and 29. Check back for details.

Dutchess County Fair via Dutchess County Fairgrounds Facebook
Dutchess County Fair via Dutchess County Fairgrounds Facebook

The 177th Annual Dutchess County Fair will be held from August 22nd through the 27th. Count on a week of fun for all ages. Then on September 9th and 10th, it is the return of the 22nd Annual Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival. Two big days of amazing chefs celebrating food and wine. These are just two of the many events scheduled this summer at the fairgrounds in Rhinebeck.

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