As a dirt track fan my first reaction was "say it ain't so" and my next reaction was what does everyone one else think about Orange County Fair Speedway (OCFS) paving over the dirt track.

Imagine going to the dirt track known for being the longest continuously run dirt track and discovering it is now a paved surface. No more dust cloud facials. No more flecks of mud coming at you in the stands from turn one. No more Dog Bowl Cheese Fries with that one of a kind flavor you get when you have stood to close to the track with them uncovered. A night at OCFS just wouldn't be the same.

At this point you may have realized or already heard that this was the OCFS way of having a few laughs with it's fans on April Fools day. Its seems from the Facebook page where I first discovered the news most people didn't fall for it. However, there were a few fans that had hope it was true. They are now disappointed.

I, for one am glad they aren't paving the track. Most of the comments they are getting on their post would suggest the same. However, if you haven't been to the speedway in a while you may want to stop out for a race because over the last few years the Speedway has made some changes.

They recently upgraded the grandstands. The Drive-In is better than ever and if you can't make it to a race you can now live stream it from the comfort of your own Livingroom. So bring on the dust and the mud. The season opens this weekend.

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