Some of us still have to finish our Halloween decorations but others are already looking toward the next holiday we get to light up around the Hudson Valley. The Town of Saugerties is ready to have you channel your inner Clark Griswold and get ready to be part of a town wide display.

This holiday season the Town of Saugerties plans to put together a map that will show off all of the amazing holiday light displays that a planned for all over town and your front yard can be included. Lights, inflatables, music and more are all part of putting together an outdoor light display for all to enjoy. Don't feel like you have to best your neighbor, but feel free to get crazy.

How it is going to work is if you want to be on the map you need to register by November 1st. Simply send an email to Then get decorating because all displays must be up and ready for showing by November 29th, the Sunday after Thanksgiving. If you have registered in advance you will be given a number which you will display and you will be listed on the map. This is open to businesses and home owners.

The thought behind all of this is that it will lift peoples spirits during the holidays. Many of us will be away from family this year thanks to COVID-19 so this is a way to bring some fun and a lot of bright beautiful holiday lights to folks for the holiday season.

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