Before I go too far I first want to go on the record that I love lemonade and the kids that sell it. I buy one of those giant lemonades that are really just all sugar every year at the Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck. I am also a huge supporter of upstart businesses and young business owners out to conquer the world.

So here is the rub. I really want to know if you see a child's lemonade stand set up are you the kind of person who would buy a glass and drink it, are you the one who would just give them the $5 dollars, or are you the person who would move on skip it altogether and report them for not having a permit?

Do You Need A Permit in New York to Sell Lemonade

Cranberry juice in a jug on a white table

Let's just skip the third option because honestly I really don't want to know if you would actually report a kid's lemonade stand for no permit. I think they are exempt anyway. (Do You need a permit to sell lemonade in New York). So what would you do? Are you the person who drinks the lemonade or just donates?

It is a tough call. I would play it by ear. That is to say, if I knew the kids like they were neighbors then I might possibly take the glass of lemonade. But if you are the two kids sitting on the edge of my favorite golf course that backs up to your backyard with your lemonade stand lined up next to the tee box, I am probably just giving you the cash.


I realize that by doing this I might miss out on a pretty awesome glass of ice tea or lemonade but I also can't get out of my mind that I would have just taken a beverage from a complete strange no matter what their age or how adorable they may be. I would definitely be the "just leave the money in the jar" girl.

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