It is officially the Holiday Traffic season in the Hudson Valley. We need to pack our patience this time of year when we get in the car to go somewhere.

Be ready for communities to have special events going on between now and the New Year that will most likely result in your getting stuck in traffic. However, if you know ahead of time, you can plan your travels and hopefully avoid delays.

Route 9-D Road Closure on Thanksgiving Weekend in Wappingers Falls, NY

One spot you will want to avoid driving through is the area around the Village of Wappingers Falls on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, November 25th. Yes, that is small business Saturday and it also happens to be the same day as the Village of Wappinger Falls Annual Christmas Parade.


The Village of Wappingers Falls Police Department sent an advisory message they wanted to share so that people will be aware of the parade and the road closures that can be accepted.

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These closures will happen in the evening so getting around during the day should not be an issue, meaning hopefully the shopping hours won't be affected.

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The Village of Wappeingers Falls Police says to expect road closures to start at around 5:30 PM. The closures will be on ROute 9D between Elm Street and Spring Street. They also want people to know that it will include roads that access 9-D.


Roads That Will Be Closed Due To Holiday Parade in Wappinger Falls, NY


Please expect road closures starting at 5:30pm on 9-D between Elm Street and Spring Street. This will include all 9-D access and to an from 9-D on Elm Street, East and West Academy Streets, Upper Henry Street, Prospect Street, Adams Street, Satterlee Place, Reserve Place and Spring Street. (Village of Wappingers Falls Police Department via email)


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