Gift-giving can become hard during the holidays when so many things have got your attention. That could be the reason so many people do their holiday shopping all year long.

I for one can't seem to wrap my head around shopping for the holiday before the calendar flips to December. However, it is a good idea to at least have a short list of what you would like to get people or even yourself. Yes, you can get yourself a gift.

Hudson Valley Things that Make Great Gift Ideas

Hudson Valley Chocolates via Facebook
Hudson Valley Chocolates via Facebook

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This year my focus was on trying to get gifts for people that either made memories or commemorated one. I also wanted to shop locally so I kept my focus on experiences, gifts, and places close by in the Hudson Valley.

I knew we had cool things to do and see around this part of New York but until I looked at it as a gift list I never realized how cool it could be to give and get things specific to our area.

Hudson Valley Wineries, Concerts, and Hudson River Cruises all Make Great Gifts

Little Red Cabin Near Windham via Airbnb Host Thomas
Little Red Cabin Near Windham via Airbnb Host Thomas

Who wouldn't want to receive wine or even a wine tasting for the Brotherhood, America's Oldest Winery? Or how about dinner out at one of the fine restaurants at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park? These gifts can't be duplicated off an Amazon wish list. These items are only available in the Hudson Valley.

Hopefully, the list I came up with will help you check some gifts off your list this year. The one thing that I have to say about making this list is for everything I put on it there are tens of hundreds more I could have included. Feel free to help grow this list by commenting below.

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Hudson Valley Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Gifts You Can Only Get in the Hudson Valley

This is just a short list of some things you could give or even get as a gift that is specific to our fantastic piece of New York. These items are perfect for giving someone a taste of the Hudosn Valley as a gift. It can help with your Holiday shopping. It can be the answer to a birthday gift dilemma and it might even solve the anniversary gift quandry. No matter what the gift is for there is no doubt that these gifts are all about the amazing place we call home. Give the Hudson Valley as a gift.

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