Do you have a complaint with a company or business in the State of New York? There is a way to attempt to work it out without just leaving a complaint on their Facebook page or writing about them on social media?

How can you complain about a business in New York State and hope to get your issue worked out?


Before there were online reviews or social media, there was a service or organization called "The Better Business Bureau." Never heard of it? Ask your grandparents. This is what they did when they had an issue, they didn't just blow up on Yelp or Angi's list as those things didn't exist until the early 2000s.

What will this Better Business Bureau do when you file a complaint with them?

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If the BBB accepts your complaint, they will contact the business with the information that you have given them and wait for a response. Hopefully, there can be a resolution. Sadly, sometimes the business chooses to not respond.

Where can you file these complaints with the Better Business Bureau?


The easiest way to file the complaint is to make sure it comes under one of the following headings, file a complaint, share an experience with a business, report misleading advertising, or report that a business is trying to commit fraud. Those are the situations that the BBB can help you with (or attempt to help you with).

How long will a complaint take to get reconciliation with the Better Business Bureau?

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When you file a complaint with them, a business has 14-days to respond to the issue. According to the BBB website, most issues can be cleared up in about 30-days.

Have you ever filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau?

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