Back in March of 2020, there was probably a point when you thought you wouldn't need this reminder. Some of us here in the Hudson Valley will see a change in our traffic patterns and will need to check their driving notes.

For the next few weeks, Hudson Valley drivers may be met with morning traffic due to back to school week. Since the school schedule seems to be all over the place for different counties in different towns, you may be seeing the addition of school buses at different times from now until the new year.

The New York State Department of Transportation wants to get the word out there and remind drivers that you must stop your vehicle for stopped school buses.

In a social media post the New York State DOT shared the following message:

It's been a while, so here's a quick reminder: vehicles in all lanes in both directions must come to a complete stop for stopped school buses with flashing lights.

Think of it this way: when a bus is stopped and you're behind said bus: stop and be socially distant. We've been doing it for over 6 months, lets keep the trend going.

New York State released a list of guidelines when it comes to students being on the bus and the drop-off and pick up times. This list includes everything that we've already learned in these COVID times, social distancing in bus seats, wiping down used seats and wearing a face mask.

We're happy to hear that schools, whether it be in person or remote, are getting back to a somewhat normal routine.

We want to wish the Hudson Valley a happy, safe and healthy 2020 school year!

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