I'm sure we can all agree as much fun as the holidays are, they're super stressful.

You're spending money left and right, eating cookies and drinking way more than you should all in the name of the holiday season. It's fun, but by January 2nd you're exhausted.

That's where New Years Resolutions come into play and then out of play three weeks later when you completely forget about them. This year why not just set a goal for yourself to relax more? Sounds easy.

One way to get into the relaxation mind-frame is salt therapy.

You've probably seen the Himalayan salt lamps at your local home goods store or on your coworker's desk. Google tells us that salt lamps cleanse the air with positive ions and has a positive effect on our airways.

Salt and Soul Salt Therapy and Yoga Studio in Saugerties kicks it up a notch and is offering salt therapy, much like the Himalayan Salt Lamp, but in a full blow Salt Cave. Dim lights comfy chairs and a room meant for relaxation? I don't think it gets much better than that.

Find your way to relaxation over at saltandsoulny.com.


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