Have you heard of a refillery store before? If you haven't you may because one might be popping up near your neighborhood very soon.

What is a refillery store? It's a pretty simple concept. It's a store that allows its customers to refill their own containers rather than purchasing new plastic containers over and over again. Generally, the stores carry products like laundry detergents, soaps, shampoos and other cleaning products. Often the stores offer sustainable and environmentally safe products.

These stores are starting to pop up all over the Hudson Valley. It was recently announced that Poughkeepsie was getting a bulk refillery store sometime this fall.

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Good things come in reduced packaging and Pine Plains is about to see that when Rural Center Refillery, a bulk refill stop for your every day staples- from grind-your-own coffee beans to toothpaste tablets opens up shop.

Rural Center Refillery will be at 2881 Church Street.

Rural Center Refillery
Rural Center Refillery

Corey and Nicole Clanahan, Stanford residents, plan to open their doors to the public on Thursday, March 30 at 10 AM. The aim of Rural Center Refillery is to connect the community with package mindful alternatives, unique brands who value their commitment to sustainability, and to our unified mission to make small steps count.

They've announced that the first 50 customers will receive a free glass jar to kick off their new refill routine.

For more information, visit ruralcenterrefillery.com, follow them on social media or send an email to nicole@ruralcenterrefillery.com.

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