We did it.

CJ and I came through on our word and successfully made two different desserts for Recipe Roulette. I was starting to think CJ got off easy with Cheesecake Cupcakes but after watching his video and watching him try to put cream cheese in a Nutra-bullet, I realized we both were struggling. I bake but have never made a cheesecake in my life. And making my own crust? That was a first.

So this morning at 7:45am, CJ and I taste each other's cheesecake concoctions. To be honest, I think we both made out fairly well. CJ was able to bring the normal, straight to the point cheesecake while mine was a bit of a taste explosion with a lot going on. We didn't want to be biased, so we let a few of our coworkers try as well:

Which Recipe Roulette recipe looks more appetizing? What should we make next time? Let us know below!

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