If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

CJ and I can most definitely handle the heat. So we're heading to the kitchen on Thursday to bake some sweet treats for everyone at The Wolf Studio to try and judge. We called it Recipe Roulette. CJ had mentioned that every time he signs on to Facebook he'll always scroll by a delicious recipe of some sort. I figured we could probably make a competition out of this.

We both chose different recipe sites. CJ picked Tasty and I went with Tastemade. Then we went on Facebook Live to document our Recipe Roulette.



As shown in the video CJ will be baking Cheesecake Cups and I'll be preparing a Kit Kat Chocolate Cheesecake. Who do you think will take home the Recipe Roulette Crown? Have you made any of the recipes you've found on Facebook? How did they come out?

Tune in on Friday morning when we share out baking videos and the results of our taste test.

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