Ready or not, here comes another change to the flow of traffic on one of the most traveled bridges in the Hudson Valley.

If you try and think about the last time you crossed the Newburgh Beacon Bridge when there was no construction going on across the span, it might take you a little while to come up with an answer. It's been so long and if your commute involves crossing the bridge on a regular basis, get ready for the flow of traffic to change again staring this Friday, October 15th, according to the New York Bridge Authority Facebook page.

Spending anytime crossing the Newburgh Beacon Bridge requires a little more patience nowadays with all of the construction that's been going on. It also requires drivers to play real close attention to the traffic patterns that seem to change frequently.

Starting Friday, drivers crossing the bridge eastbound (coming off the bridge into Beacon) will be shifted left. Presently drivers follow the traffic pattern outside of where the toll booths used to be. Moving forward the traffic will move through the area of where the recently removed toll booths used to stand.

New York Bridge Authority/Facebook
New York Bridge Authority/Facebook

Once the bridge authority announced the change online, many people commented asking about the timeline of the construction project. Lou asked the one question that almost all Hudson Valley drivers what answered, "When is the construction planned to be complete?" The bridge authority responded with,

"We plan to return traffic to the North Span next fall. The entire project will be complete in Spring 2023."

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