The Randy Rodgers Band joined the CJ in the morning show on Friday.

Randy Rodgers has been in the country music game for a while and have enjoyed a bunch of success in the studio and on the road.

This year the guys that make up the Randy Rodgers Band are the headliners at the Texas Independence Day festival. This will mark the 4th year the band has been invited to the festival, that takes place on Saturday March 4th at Terminal 5 in New York City.

Randy called in to the CJ in the morning show to talk about the road, music and he even did his best radio voice, take a look....

Here is the song Randy was talking about...

Tickets are still available for the festival on Saturday at Terminal 5. Get out and support some great country music this weekend.

Thanks again to Randy for coming on the show and if you are interested in getting more on the band and to listen to more of there music, check out their website.

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