The rain over the next week or so might get us out of some leaf clean up but eventually it will have to be done. Whether you rake or use a leaf blower it is always a job that needs a plan and patience. I always seem to pick the windy day and it feels like I will never get the leaves picked up. My adult O.C.D doesn't allow me to leave one single leaf behind.

When I was little leaf raking was fun. That was back when you could make a big pile and jump into it without worrying about being covered with ticks. Now a days they have cool leaf bags that no one had thought of when I was small. The idea that you can stuff leaves into a bag and create a big pumpkin or some other Halloween theme lawn ornament makes all the raking worth it.

And in case you are just going to say no to raking this year. Check out this video for your defense.

Here is a quick way to clean up. Who needs a rake when you have cardboard.

You can also check out great DIY projects for decorating the house with all of the beautiful leaves that have dusted your lawn.

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